Delivering affordable
homes for Welwyn
Garden City

We believe
everyone should
have a home and the
chance to live well

"The end venture to now set before the people…that they should forthwith gird themselves to the task of building up clusters of beautiful home-towns"

Ebenezer Howard

About MTVH

Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing provides affordable housing for people living in London, the South East, East Midlands and East of England.

We have a strong track record of delivering homes and last year completed 923 new homes, including 229 for rent, 475 for shared ownership and 219 for sale. We are currently on site building a further 2,494 homes.

We also offer a range of care and support services. In particular, we serve older people, those experiencing mental health challenges and provide transitional services giving intensive support to marginalised or vulnerable people.

Through our community investment department, Empowering Futures, we deliver training programmes, events and activities for our residents designed to boost employment opportunities and foster stronger communities.

In 2020/21 we…

Offered person-centred one-to-one support to
nearly 2,000 residents through our specialist
advice team.

Were able to help 100 unemployed people
into work last year through our two European Social
Fund employment support programmes.

Helped residents generate £865,000 in additional
income through our debt and benefits
advice team

Provided £70,000 in cash grants for food, fuel and
other emergencies to help our residents and
communities during the Covid-19 pandemic

Provided £200,000 in community
grants for local groups

Our History

Passengers stepping off the Empire Windrush in 1948 at Tilbury Docks would have encountered a very different country to the one we live in today. Bombing during the Second World War had inflicted widespread damage to urban areas, construction materials were in short supply and rationing continued.

Invited to Britain to fill post-war labour shortages, many of these Caribbean migrants had to live in squalid conditions without basic amenities. Like others on low incomes, they also faced insecure tenancies and homelessness.

It was against this backdrop that our legacy organisations, The Metropolitan Coloured People’s Housing Association and Thames Valley Housing, were founded, with a mission to provide safer and more affordable homes in our inner cities.

As time went by, the organisations grew in size and diversity. In the 1980s, with home ownership central to Government housing policy, both housing associations introduced shared ownership schemes, making it easier for people to get a foot on the housing ladder. Metropolitan went on to provide care and support services, while Thames Valley Housing began to provide keyworker accommodation for NHS Trusts and student accommodation. The new century saw Metropolitan take over the management and regeneration of the Clapham Park and Ashmole estates in Lambeth, while Thames Valley Housing opened its largest private finance initiative scheme in Woking. In 2012, Thames Valley Housing launched its market rent business, Fizzy Living.

The two organisations joined in October 2018 and, in total, own, manage or administer around 57,000 homes. Together, we want to improve the services we provide to customers, do more in our communities and build a better future for generations to come.

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