Delivering affordable
homes for Welwyn
Garden City

Delivering affordable homes for Welwyn Garden City

"I will undertake, then, to show how… bright prospects of beautiful homes and gardens may be seen on every hand (with) all the best results of concert and co-operation gathered in by a happy people"

Ebenezer Howard

A key tenet of Ebenezer Howard’s vision was about delivering high quality, affordable homes.

Our original planning application in 2021 proposed 721 homes, in buildings ranging from 1 to 10 storeys in height.

Following earlier consultation with the community and engagement with the Borough Council we have listened and made a number of alterations.

Our revised proposals are for 630 homes, in buildings ranging from 1 to 9 storeys in accordance with the height approved in the 2019 planning approval.

In total, Phases Two and Three will deliver a minimum of 286 affordable homes, with Phase Two being 100% affordable. This is in addition to the 208 affordable homes that are already being built in Phase One.

The image below shows the reductions in heights that are being proposed.

High Quality Design

For Shredded Wheat (3)
For Shredded Wheat (4)

Award winning architects ColladoCollins have undertaken a design approach that retains the garden city principles in a contemporary manner, underpinning the design approach for the scheme that was consented in 2019.

Local vernacular details such as red brickwork, banding at ground floors, expressed corners and distinctive entrances will feature throughout the proposed design.

All of the homes will be fully accessible, exceeding the Local Authorities requirements and meeting or in many cases exceeding the national space standards for new dwellings.

Affordable Homes

MTVH is passionate about providing affordable housing. We believe everyone should have a home and the chance to live well.

In Phases Two and Three we are proposing a minimum of 286 affordable homes

This is in addition to the 208 affordable homes being delivered in Phase One.

We will be delivering a wide-range of affordable homes, including social rent, shared ownership and rent to buy.

This will ensure that we are doing all that we can to deliver the wide range of affordable homes – on brownfield land – that we know Welwyn Hatfield needs.

Homes For All

Phases Two and Three of the South Side development will provide a range of apartment sizes to meet every need at every stage in life.

We will be providing 240 one-bed apartments, 364 two-bed apartments and 26 three-bed apartments.

This is aligned with the aspiration of the 2019 planning consent and the Borough Council for this site to provide smaller homes to enable local people to stay in Welwyn Garden City.

From young professionals to downsizers and families – the South Side development aspires to cater to everyone.