Revitalising brownfield
land in the heart of
Welwyn Garden City

Revitalising brownfield
land in the heart of
Welwyn Garden City

“Human society and the beauty of nature are meant to be enjoyed together…As man and woman by their varied gifts and faculties supplement each other, so should town and country. Town and country must be married, and out of this joyous union will spring a new hope, a new life, a new civilisation”

Ebenezer Howard

The Former Shredded Wheat Factory

The proposed development site east of the railway station in Welwyn Garden City was formerly occupied by the Shredded Wheat Factory, which was designed by Louis de Soissons in 1924.

In 1925, the American Shredded Wheat Company opened on site with 100 workers. The firm remained there for 73 years until 2008, when the factory, commonly referred to as ‘The Wheat’ ceased production.

2019 Planning Approval

Since the Shredded Wheat closed in 2008, the Site has since been allocated for comprehensive development by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

In February 2019, consent was granted for the creation of a mixed-use quarter, including 1,340 residential dwellings in a mix of tenures alongside a range of other uses including health, community, office, leisure and retail.

Visualisation showing the 2019 approved scheme

The North side and South side

MTVH owns the South Side of the site while The North Side is owned by The Wheat Quarter Ltd. More information about The North Side can be found on their website.

Phase One

MTVH is currently building the first 208 affordable homes on the South Site, which were approved as part of 2019 permission. This is known as Phase One.

Image showing the current development of Phase One

Phase Two and Three

The Phase Two and Three site measures 2.37 ha in size and is currently clear of buildings. It is immediately bound to the west by the A1000 Broadwater Road, to the north by Hydeway with the North Side beyond, and to the west it is separated from the railway line by the Curier Logistic distribution centre. The southern site boundary adjoins Phase One of the 2019 Planning Permission.

MTVH submitted an application to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council for Phases Two and Three of the development in February 2021.

The development proposed four buildings ranging in height from 1-10 storeys. In total, 721 homes were proposed.

Following further discussions with Officers at the Council and taking on board comments raised by consultees during the application process, MTVH have revised the submitted plans and would now like to take the opportunity to share them with you through the subsequent pages of the website.